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   Produced: 1956-1973 by KMZ (Krasnogorsk Mechanical
       Plant), Moscow, Russia
  Film:  35mm
  Negative Size: 24 X 36mm
   Lens: Jupiter-8 50mm
   Aperture: f2.0 - f22
  Focal Range: 1 meter to infinity
  Shutter: Cloth Curtain, Speeds: B, 1sec - 1/1000sec
  Viewfinder: Coupled rangefinder

Besides the Fed series of cameras, there was another maker that interested me. It used the same 39mm Leica thread mount lense as the Feds. This was the Zorki. After some research, the model that most interested me was the Zorki-4. Unlike the Feds the Zorki-4 has shutter speeds from 1 second to 1/1000 second. It has a large bright viewfinder, and though looking a bit more clunky than a Fed-2, it is a good user. I found a nice 1956 vintage one with the etched Zorki logo and shutter speeds, instead of the later painted ones that tend to wear off. Another lure to getting the Zorki was for the beautiful f2.0 Jupiter-8 lense that's standard on a -4. I'd heard of its qualities already and this one had the older design with the ear on the focusing ring. The Zorki-4 that I was lucky to find is excellent in looks and mechanical condition. 

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