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periphery series artist statement

In the Spring of 2011, I began collecting wildflowers, weeds, and grasses from my square property on which I live for a new series I had in mind, my ‘periphery series’.

The thought was to include the flora within the fenceline and invisible boundary lines of the property. An intimate collection that necessarily included me, and my relationship with all within the square. My association with the flora on the land that I am custodian of…identification, recognition, belonging.

The collecting and the subsequent series not only defined the flora within the boundary, but also sought to suggest the idea of boundary-less, for the flora escaped my fencelines and prospered onward into the neighbor’s property, oblivious to limits or mans’ records. The series reminded me that I too am boundary-less, and also, do not truly own the land, but am as transient and fragile as the smallest flower.

Keeping to the square format of the land, I pressed the flora, and then mounted them on squares of japanese paper on copper sheets that I distressed. I then beeswaxed over it all. I made an image of this assemblage, and then mounted the copper sheet inside an 8×8″ wood panel. The small panel is presented alongside the 20×20″ print framed 28×28″.

The prints in the series are in limited edition of 25. But, the panels are one of a kind, and will not be recreated.

periphery 4 panel

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