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Jupiter-9 Specs 

   Produced by: LZOS (Lutkarino Optical Glass Plant) Russia
  Focal Length: 85mm
  Style Copy of Zeiss Sonnar 85mm f/2
   Angle of View: 28
   Distance Scale: 1.15 meter to infinity
  Diaphragm: Manual, f2 - f22
  Filter Size: 49mm
  Mount: Leica Thread Mount (LTM) 39mm


Jupiter-12 Specs 

   Produced by: LZOS (Lutkarino Optical Glass Plant) Russia
   Focal Length: 35mm
   Style Copy of Zeiss Biogon 3.5cm f/2.8
   Angle of View: 63
   Distance Scale: 1 meter to infinity
   Diaphragm: Manual, f2.8 - f22
   Filter Size: 40.5mm
   Mount: Leica Thread Mount (LTM) 39mm 


As my Russian camera stable grew, all with normal lenses, I began looking around for some lenses to add extra capability. I jumped. An eBay seller in Russia had these two lenses paired up and waiting for me. The Jupiter-12 35mm lense is highly-lauded as a sharp performer. I was careful to buy one with a rear lense protector. The rear element glass is 'out there'...a beautiful optical mushroom that could be easily damaged. Adjusting the aperture is unusually difficult, reaching in from the front of the lense. Other than that, the lense is a beauty and makes fine images.

The Jupiter-9 85mm lense also is considered a sharp performer. Both these lenses are copies of Zeiss engineering. The J9 is a nice chunk of glass, and fast at f2.0. Like many J9s mine came from Russia with a slow-turning focusing ring, from thickened grease inside on the helicoids. It also has a reputation of being a difficult lense to reassemble after a relube, so I won't go there. The focus isn't so difficult as to be distracting...maybe it will loosen up with time?

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