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Kodak Brownie Hawkeye


   Produced: 1950 - 1961 by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester,
       New York
  Film:  620 rollfilm
  Negative Size: 6X6cm
   Lens: Single-element meniscus
   Aperture: about f11
  Focal Range: 6 feet to infinity
  Shutter: Simple spring shutter - 1/30 sec, plus Time ('B')
  Viewfinder: waist-level mirror reflector

Oh, this camera has got Americana written all over it. Nearly every family in the U.S. had one for those snapshots to document trips over the new national freeway system. Course it was easier to use in those could buy 620 size film off the shelf, instead rolling your own from 120 onto 620 reels like you must do now. But that's part of the ritual of shooting these cameras and it's taken in stride. Not much to operating this one...look thru the waist-level finder, and push the shutter release...rewind till the next number comes up in the red window in the back. It's a bakelite box for sure, but Kodak did its best to dress it up, adding waves across the side to give it a streamlined look, and something to grip. It's a good looking camera for its time, and it makes good pictures too.

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