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Kodak Duex


   Produced: 1940 - 1942 by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester,
       New York
  Film:  620 rollfilm
  Negative Size: 6X4.5cm
   Lens: Periscopic doublet
   Aperture: about f11
  Focal Range: 6 feet to infinity
  Shutter: Simple spring shutter - 1/30 sec, plus Time ('B')
  Viewfinder: Eye-level finder

Like the Photax, the Kodak Duex has a bakelite lense assembly that unscrews from the front, but the Duex body is made primarily of metal. It's art-deco dressy with it's brass face and embossed silvery neck strap ends, stylized top plate. At first I stayed away from cameras that used 620 film because of the need to reroll 120 film onto hard-to-find 620 reels. But, once I took the plunge, I found that there was something about the 620 film era...some of the coolest designs were made during that time. Also, like the Photax, the shutter release is difficult to use way out front. It's easy to put some shake into the camera and with 1/30 second as the only shutter speed, there's no room for error. It has a tripod mount, but no way to attach a shutter cable. 

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