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Fed-2d & Fed-2e
Fed-2d & Fed-2e comparison Fed-2d Fed-2e
Fed-2e Fed-2e Fed-2e


   Produced: 1955-1970 by FED, Kharkov, Ukraine (former USSR)
  Film:  35mm
  Negative Size: 24 X 36mm
   Lens: Industar-26m 52mm
   Aperture: f2.8 - f22
  Focal Range: 1 meter to infinity
  Shutter: Double cloth curtain, Speeds: B, 1/25 (or 1/30) - 1/500sec
  Viewfinder: Coupled rangefinder

After spending some time with the Fed-3b, I felt schooled enough to look deeper into the Fed line. Actually, when I was first looking at Russian rangefinders, I thought the Fed-3b was the most beautiful - smooth lines and all - and the Fed-2's looked so unstreamlined with knobs everywhere...the body contorted. But after holding the 3b, it seemed heavier than it should and boxy. I was eager to hold a quirky Fed-2 that everyone in the Russian camera circles seemed to rave about. When my Fed-2d arrived from the Ukraine, I found all the rejoicing was well-deserved. The camera fits the hand, is light and slim. In fact, it wasn't long before I found another Fed, this one a -2e. Only slight differences exist between the two on the outside, though I've heard the e-model is a complete redesign under the top plate. The -2d has shutter speeds of 1/25 & 1/50sec at the low end, while the -2e was made more in line with 'normal' speeds with 1/30 & 1/60sec at the low end. The -2d has a lower flash shoe than the -2e, and some of the knobs are slightly different. My Fed-2d arrived with a slow, slow 1/25sec but after exercise, it came around to about right. The -2e has the smoothest shutter and film winding mechanism of all my Russian cameras. A big plus for these Fed-2's is they have strap lugs, something that was left off the 'more advanced' Fed-3b for some reason. The Fed-2 is a joy to use, and its Industar-26m lense is very sharp.


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