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Argus AF


   Produced: 1937-1938 by Argus Cameras, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan
  Film:  35mm
  Negative Size: 24 x 36mm
   Lens: Argus IRC f4.5 Anastigmat
   Aperture: f4.5 - f11
  Focal Range: 1.5 feet to infinity
  Shutter: Leaf shutter - 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200sec, B, T
  Viewfinder: Eye-level finder

I had been quietly looking at the Argus A cameras on eBay for a few weeks. Up to that
point my interest had only been in medium format cameras. Actually, it was the back of this camera that interested me, with its art deco design. It was a fairly logical transition. I had just recently purchased a Kodak Duex, also with an art deco look and a bakelite body. So when I spotted the Argus A, I was genuinely intrigued. After some research I found that the AF model was the only one with a focus ring, but it was a harder camera to find. Part of the interest in collecting cameras is the hunt and finding this particular camera was a real joy...that I won the auction seemed like destiny. Many of the back plates with the beautiful design have been damaged by the inner part of the snap on the inside of the leather camera case, but this one was practically mint. In fact the whole camera was almost like new. After receiving the AF I found the leaf shutter was sticking open, returning only slowly to the closed position. After getting access to the shutter, I found one of the machined parts rubbing on another, and with a slight finger pressure, I gave them some extra tolerance, and the shutter freed up. I had contacted the man who sold me the camera and found out that his late father had bought the camera new, and made many family photos with it before putting it in the closet in favor of a new Kodak Retina. He had also experimented with black & white infrared film, so the camera came with a push-on red filter, and also a yellow filter and a lense hood.

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