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Agfa Isolette II


   Produced: 1950 by Agfa Camera-Werk AG, Munich, Germany
  Film:  type B2/120 rollfilm
  Negative Size: 6X6cm
   Lens: Apotar 85mm f4.5
   Aperture: f4.5 - f22
  Focal Range: 1 meter to infinity
  Shutter: Pronto- Speeds: B, 1/25, 1/50, 1//100, 1/200
  Viewfinder: Eye-level viewfinder. Set focus distance manually
     by guess, or use an auxiliary rangefinder

Not long after I began looking for older cameras to use in my photography, I noticed these folding medium format cameras. And when I saw this Agfa Isolette II, it was love at first sight. It's not original black leather and bellows, but having been totally refurbished with new cranberry bellows, adjusted and was ready to go. And it is a sweet camera. It folds into a truly pocket-sized unit, and is so nice to hold and use. It is strictly best judgement when it comes to focus. Guesstimate the distance in meters, set the focusing ring and shoot at f8 or so to make up for any error. Or, get an accessory rangefinder for assistance. This Agfa is definitely the creme of my camera collection so far, and the images I've made with it are noteworthy. If shot with the aperture wide open, the edges of the image are soft, just the way I like them to be. Otherwise the images are sharp and the shutter is like a whisper. This folder is a perfect camera if one wants to travel light, and still have a high quality 6X6cm negative. 

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