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Early in 2001 I began printing some of my new creative work using  pigment ink on fine art papers. For years I had wanted to print my images on deckle edge watercolor and printing papers. The tactile quality of the paper lured me. The uneven edge was more ‘organic’, more real to the feeling I wanted to convey in my work, instead of the razor cut squared edges of photographic paper.

Finally I got my chance. I now print my non-traditional new work on an Epson 7000 printer. It can accept up to 24-inch-wide paper. Full sheets of deckle edge 22 X 30” watercolor paper are now my standard paper size. 

I now work in color for the first time in my fine art genre. Instead of the standard dye inks which fade in a few years, I am using a set of archival pigmented inks that last a lifetime or more without fading.

I use an Epson 4000 with black-and-shades-of-gray carbon pigmented inks to print black & white images up to 17" wide, and a second Epson 7000 with b&w inks for prints up to 24" wide.

These new combinations of inks and papers have urged me toward a broader range of creative pursuits. My vision has expanded…anything is possible. Art is full of changes and discovery.


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